Asperger s Syndrome when a

Adults Aspergers Assessment

I was diagnosed with traits of Asperger's syndrome when i was 7years 10 mouths old.

I have decided as an adult to get officially tested. However know that the letter for my appointment date has come though, i feel physically sick with worry, it's 2 mouths away, but I can not stop worrying about it.

One of my main worries is that they will give me a miss diagnose, my days can vary from very good to very bad. I'm also worried that if I go in on a very bad day I will not be able to explain to them my difficulties and this might lead to them misunderstanding me and giving me a diagnosis of Social anxiety disorder or something which explain some of my traits but not all.

My other worry is that they what a parent to come along. But well, I really don't what my mum to know i'm seeking a diagnosis, I'm really worried about this. How important do people think it is, in receiving an accurate diagnosis, to have your parents there as well?

My other worry, (yes I know i worry a lot), is kind of the un know, what will happen in the test, what kind of things will they ask, what is the format for the test?

If anyone who has been though the test, especially in the UK, or if you are seeking a diagnosis, please let me know your experiences, as I am so worried and really need some re-ashore-hence .

People above the age of 21 are considered to be adults who do not need to have their parents with them for a diagnosis.

In my opinion that having a bad day could be beneficial for you in that the doctors would be able see and hear for themselves the types of problems that you are having. I don't think that " I will not be able to explain to them my difficulties" really has anything to do with a social anxiety.

For myself I know that my problem is that I am not able to grasp the words that I need to communicate my thoughts. Writing is a bit easier than speaking to someone since I am not expected to finish a thought within 30 seconds. The other day I wanted to post a message on this website which was only 2 sentences but since I couldn't figure out which words to use that would explain my point efficiently within 30 minutes I gave up.

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