November 3, 2014

Aspergers test for adults

Diagnostic Tests inaccurate for High Functioning Autism

Undiagnosed adults with High functioning autism (Hfa) may deliberately cheat with answers in the questionnaires used in the diagnosis of Hfa. People with High functioning autism can give false answers in order to protect their own self-understanding states leading autism experts, including psychologist Dr. Tony Attwood.

If the psychologist or doctor in charge of the review, has a lack of real experience and insight into autism spectrum disorders, the adult with High functioning autism flies under the radar and avoids a proper diagnosis.

Great harm in these situations is done, not only to the person themselves, by cutting them off from any support they need; but primarily to the neurotypical (NT) spouse and children.

These spouses and children are overlooked and ignored by society and authorities. Their lives are isolated when they live with an adult who has the incurable and pervasive developmental disorder of Hfa; becoming traumatized over time by High functioning autism’s tantrums, lack of impulse control, weak – sometimes negative – parenting, mental or physical abuse, and limited ability to take responsibility, show reciprocity and mature adult responses.

Lack of diagnosis among children and partner

The majority of adults with Hfa are still undiagnosed. But that does not mean they do not exist. About 2 percent of the population has this complex developmental disability that typically involves a lack of self-awareness of their disorder, including lack of understanding of how the condition impacts on their relatives (lack of Theory of Mind). It is usually the exception that an adult with Hfa will take the initiative to investigate and get a formal diagnosis.

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