Children with Asperger s

Child Aspergers test

Asperger's syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder. However, unlike many other autistic individuals, those with Asperger's display average to above average intelligence, and are often able to function well enough in the world to lead closer to "normal" lives.

Unfortunately, there are many challenges living with Asperger's, and estimates say that as many as 80% of those suffering from the disorder may also suffer from intense anxiety disorders. This can create severe problems in terms of emotional wellbeing and continued development, which is why early intervention is so important.

Learn to Control Anxiety

Those suffering from intense anxiety disorders as children or adults benefit from recognizing their symptoms and learning how to adopt healthy coping strategies. Take my free 7 minute anxiety test to learn more.

Causes of Anxiety in Asperger's Syndrome (AS)

Anxiety is always a complicated issue, and while there are several potential causes of anxiety, there are also going to be several unknowns. Often it's not quite as important to examine what causes anxiety so much as it is to understand your symptoms and what they mean for treatment. Take my anxiety test to learn more.

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