And low capacity on empathic

Simon Baron-Cohen Empathy test

To really get an accurate picture of my empathy scale, many of the questions would have to end, “…but I don’t care.”

My low score of 32 should be even lower, because it was hard for me to answer the questions precisely. They were written only 2/3 “right.”

For instance: yeah, I know the rules of social situations or “society”. But sometimes? I don’t care.

When I read about Asperger’s, the authors seem eager to point out that sufferers want to fit in, but can’t figure out how.

I never wanted to fit in with the boring airheads I spent my entire school, family and workplace life surrounded by. Blech.

More like: how could I escape from these dingbats and live for free in an abandoned lighthouse?

Sure, I could figure out how to fit in (yawn), but mostly couldn’t be bothered, and in fact considered doing so a betrayal of my “true self.”

So I’m kind of a slacker sociopath. Which, hey, sounds like a Black Flag song! Wicked!

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