Levels of empathy

There seem to be various kinds of empathy, at least according to the established empirical human psychological-transpersonal identity development model known as the Wilber map. OMG, what a mouthful LOL

In this blog I will elaborate on the subject of empathy from the vantage point of various stages of human consciousness including Mental ego, Authentic Self, Subtle Self, Causal Self and the Nondual level.
I will try to convey my experiences in as practical terms as possible.

I would like to invite you to maybe refresh your memory on the subject of identity development as per established Wilber map,
with this blog here >

Mental ego (Instrumental Self) empathy

Based on the lack of deeper insight into her/his own nature, a person at this level of identity development seems to consider others mostly according to visual clues. “What you see is what you get” might be a good description of a process a person on Mental level operates on. She/he sees, or better yet, she/he ‘thinks’ others mostly through her/his mental capacities, nothing more. No deeper connection with feelings, no openness to inner abundance yet, mostly mental focus. Wild, wild is the wind at this level.

This is the most basic form of empathy, in my experience, which is more of a descriptive kind than anything else.
You cant really hope for receiving really deep and juicy empathy from Mental level, for one can really offer others what s/he her/himself possesses, it would seem.

In practical terms, if you are in a need of a deep and authentic empathy, maybe it would be wise to find authentic person. A person on Mental level doesn’t seem to have what it takes. It would probably take a Mental level oriented person long years if not a decade of dedicated inner work to move on to more soft and empathic Authentic level.

At this level, all seems to be just a role playing, wearing masks, no spontaneous and authentic feelings and deeds.

This level is also called Instrumental Self level, for person at this level uses his/her feelings, talents, body even as a tool to achieve goals in life. And at this level, goals seem to be set by someone else.

“But it is important to remember than even here, empathy is a quality rather than a skill. In other words, empathy cannot really be taught: it is more a question of recognizing it and allowing it to develop.”

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